MyHits Awards + Tintura/Jazzbois/TIKS

“The biggest pop music show in Estonia!”- that was the big headline for the MyHits Awards which took place on the 3rd November. A bunch of famous Estonian artists performed on stage in the Saku Suurhall arena.

When I arrived to Estonia I was hearing about the event on every social media channel. However, I wasn’t at first so convinced to come because I read that a lot of social influencers will be there as well and hence, I expected that the show itself is targeted for a younger audience.

And my expectations were fulfilled when I observed the show in the fanzone because there were mostly 14 or 16-year old girls screaming when acts like Getter Jaani or NÖEP were performing, which was fun though because I then could scream as well and go back to the time where I was 14 year-old excessive fangirl or something like that.

Sometimes I felt that the show itself was pretty superficial and in a rush. It’s like one act performed a song and then the next award was given straight away. I just wished that they at least took more time for the artists to perform more songs on stage. For example, I wished that IIRIS had the chance to play more songs than her great latest single “Star”. Otherwise I just felt that the artist wasn’t so much valued.

Overall, the show was, unsurprisingly, an event celebrating Estonian Mainstream pop music.

However, for me as a foreigner it was interesting to see how Estonian pop music sounds like (it sounds 1000 times better than the German Mainstream pop music, believe me). I definitely can recommend you to listen to NÖEP, Nublu and IIRIS. They all deserve to be on the stage and share their art!

It was also nice to see all the teenagers that screamed Nublu’s hit song “Mina ka”.

However, the thing that frustrated me the most was my lack of Estonian. I didn’t understand the entertaining hosts Kristel Aaslaid and Indrek Vaheoja at all and to be honest I cried after the show ended because I was kinda dissappointed on myself and I also felt lonely at that point of time.

But I felt a lot better when I met my dear friends Britt and Anete and Jana after gettig my stuff from the wardrobe.

Together we went to Erinevate Tubade Klubi to see the band Tintura (TIKS). Tintura was as well supported by the Hungarian jazzband “Jazzbois” and by by Sander Mölder.

Tintura is a band that fusions electronic music with Estonian traditional folk music. I also said this about Maarja Nuut & Ruum’s music, but Tintura’s sound is more danceable, happier and wittier.

What made the concert special was that a female dancer performed contemporary dance moves which made the music overall more approachable and more lively.

To invite jazzbois and Sander Mölder to the show to support Tintura was also very smart because these artists enriched the evening with delightful music.

Sander Mölder dj-ed some versatile music varyiyng from aboriginal folk music to techno music.

The jazzbois enriched the evening with some great, interesting jazztunes that melt up your heart.

When Tintura ended their show, the jazzbois came on stage and they performed alltogether and personally, that was a touching moment because it showed the mutual appreciation of their corporation….

The night overall ended with music that melts my heart. It ended with, warmth, appreciation and delightfulness. It counts to one of these evening where I am just amazed by the power of music. Where I just feel grateful that I can enjoy such great tunes in my favourite city…

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