Behind The Scenes Of The Boondocks’ “That’s Why” Music Video

On 18th November 2018 I had the chance to observe the Boondocks for their music video shoot of their single “That’s Why”. Liis Lindmaa directed the music video and students from the Baltic Film Media helped her with the production of the project.

“That’s Why” is about a relationship that is unfixable and the music video shows in particular the complexity and depth of such relationships.

Scene 1, Take 5

In the music video a hetero-sexual couple is playing an interesting game. They are on their way to a sand query where the woman (Rea Lest-Liik) will later be buried by The Boondocks. At that point the sand query can be interpreted as a sign for hope, because both think that the buriment of the woman is a suitable way to get over a broken past. Before the woman enters the grave she kisses her boyfriend (Jörgen Liik) knowing that the memories that both made during their relationship will be forgotten. As the Boondocks bury the girl, her boyfriend leaves the grave and feels schadenfreude and relief at first, but quickly realizes that the buried memories shine even more now, that no past can be hidden or forgotten. Due to that, he runs back to the grave and wants to unbury her, but it’s too late. Nothing can be undone and the past can not be shedded away.

From my personal point of view I can say that observing a music video shoot in a sand query in Kiiu was an uncommon and adventurous experience. Shooting 12 out of 20 scenes at the sand query in Kiiu meant that we had to be early at the set to shoot as much on daylight as possible. The weather circumstances were for all of us challenging because the wind was cold, it was drizzling at some point in the afternoon and we were freezing and shivering through the whole shooting. (Here I would like to thank the crew that made us all feel as comfortable as possible in the moment by handing us blankets, food and hot tea!) The team was working hard and patiently until late afternoon. The video was filmed with one camera and every scene was documented in different angles and places at the sand query.

What I liked so much about the shooting was that every single crew-member was focused and gave their best. I mean, yeah, everybody felt cold, but everybody at the same time had the ambition and motivation to make the “That’s Why” music video a great one.

Fortunately, all the work paid off and the music video has some great aesthetics and I really really do love it.

Here I would like to thank Karl Kevad who invited me to come the music video shoot. It was an exciting experience that I won’t ever forget.

The Boondocks are a five-person indie-rock band based in Pärnu, Estonia. They consist of Villem Sarapuu (lead vocalist, guitarist), Hendrik Tamberg (bassist), Romet Mägar (guitarist), Karl Kallas (keyboarder, percussioner) and Karl Kevad (drummer, songwriter).

Their third studio album “How To Build A Love Bomb” came out in October 2018 and was awarded by Raadio 2 as the “Album Of The Year”. The album talks about difficult times in relationships, infidelity, and other unpleasant things happening in life.

Jörgen Liik
Mattias Veermets (Camera) enjoying the view.
Rea Lest-Liik and Jörgen Liik in front of the camera.

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