EiK’s Album Presentation Concert

Last Thursday, the 11th October, I went to EiK’s unerohi (sleepy) album release concert at the Kosmos cinema in Tallinn. The idea to go to his concert was spontaneous because I found his music just 5 days before the concert.


EiK (TIKS) is an 18 year-old Estonian poet who writes rap songs in a spoken word manner. With third album unerohi (sleepy) EiK manages to form these emotions into meaningful, incredibly poetic lo-fi hip-hop songs that you want to listen to over and over again. Especially songs like TRAMM or M give you this feeling of deepness and longing since he is singing particularly about loneliness in spite of living between crowded places and the anger the come by with it. (Please correct me, if I am wrong, this is how I understood the music, but my Estonian is still not really good).

Ma kirjutasin sulle sinu sünnipäeval,
Kiri oli kingiga kaasas, fotoilmutuste vahel karbis
Ja ma sooviksin lihtsalt teada, kas sa said selle üldse kätte,
Ehk see tukub su sahtlipõhjas
Ja sa pole esimesi lauseid nähes nimme seda lugenud,
Ehk sa oled seda lugenud ja ei vasta kunagi,
Ehk sa ei tahagi vastata, ei ole vaja vastata või vaikid maha,
Ehk ma olen su elu jaoks mõttetu mutrike
Ja kui need read lõppevad, mõistan
Et oled mulle võrdselt tähtsusetu?

EiK, “TRAMM”, unerohi album, 2018

Do you remember?
I wrote you on your birthday,
The letter came with a gift, in a box of photo shots
And I just want to know if you got it at all,
Maybe it fits in your drawer
And when you see the first sentences you’ve read it,
Maybe you’ve read it and never answered
Maybe you do not want to answer, you do not need to answer or keep silent,
Maybe I’m a nonsense for your life
And when these lines come to an end, I understand
That you are equally insignificant to me?

Personally, I think that the album chose a great, versatile instrumentation varying from dreamy sounding e-guitars to synthies, violin, and soundscapes. The words EiK chose sound so beautiful to me that I have now the ambition to translate every song into English or German.

Coming back to the event itself; The concert took place at the Kosmos Cinema in Tallinn. The implementation of the performance was clever because the lyrics of each track was projected on the screen, so that the listener could more consciously pay attention to EiK’s words. As it was an albumi esitluskontsert, an album presentation concert, the songs of the album were performed in chronological order. 50 minutes of pure emotions and celebration in the cinema hall followed. However, I wished that the concert would’ve taken place in a different location where you would have overall more contact with the performer and the crowd. But that didn’t hinder me too much to enjoy the concert, I left the event with a feeling of speechlessness and amazement.

If you like Kate Tempest, then you should definitely give EiK a listen. And if you like poetr, then do that as well!

You can listen to EiK latest album unerohi on Spotify.

Favourite tracks: M (this song is a freaking master piece, please listen to it!), TRAMM, ANNA HETK, E-MOLL

Least favourite track: KOHVITASS

Sources: EiK’s bandcamp, kultur.err.ee (EiK avaldas uue singli, annab plaadifirma TIKS alt välja albumi)

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