Maarja Nuut & Ruum Album Release Concert

The Internet has been for me the best source to find new Estonian music. Regularly, I am trying to find concerts that suit my music taste. When I scrolled through the page I accidentally found Maarja Nuut’s music and immediately fell in love with it.

Maarja Nuut is an Estonian musician who produces dark, minimalistic-sounding folk music tunes by looping different kinds of motives played with her violin or vocals. In her second album Une Meeles Nuut also looped her steps to create a mystic drumming sound. Now, Nuut is collaborating with eletronic musician Ruum and last Friday (5th October) the duo released their debut album Muunduja and celebrated the release in HALL which is located in the Kalamaja district of Tallinn.

The location suited perfectly to Nuut’s album because it created a dark and secret environment. According to the artists’ website Muunduja “operate[s] in an interzone between light and shadow, connecting the intuitive worldview of days past with the technologies that still lie ahead of us”.

This certain worldview was well-implemented during the concert.

The evening started on the 3rd floor with Swedish musician Klara Lewis who produces interesting electronic sounds that sounded to me like turmoils. It sounded like war that you could hear from a helicopter. Numbing, loud, dangerous, appalling. But you can interpret that sound as well as the slowly crushing of an old skyscraper. Klara Lewis’ music was accompanied with a light show showing distorted, cinematic landscapes from Estonia. Overall, the performance itself created an alien atmosphere which is in my opinion the best way to start an evening that showcases the darkness of mystery and myth.

After Klara Lewis’ performance we went downstairs to wait for Maarja Nuut & Ruum’s performance. During the concert we were welcomed by a light show that illustrated different kinds of Estonian landscapes in a magical way. Thus, it seemed to me that the concert overall is a tribute to Estonian nature. During the performance of the duo the landscapes changed their colour depending on the mood of the song. “Haned kadunud” (Geese are gone) for example was at first dark seablue but after the build-up of the song it changed to a dark red.



Personally, Muunduja sounds more progressive than Nuut’s debut album Une Meeles. The looping technique is the same, but adding electronical elements to the minimalistic music enables a darker colour to Nuut’s music. Sometimes it sounds melancholic, sometimes big, wide, appalling, if not even angry at some point. The whole point of the concert was to amplify the experience of the listener to actually feel the songs and I enjoyed their performance immensely.

Normally, I always try to get in contact with people before the concert, but that time I was so fascinated by the concert itself that I didn’t even consider to look for people to talk to.

After Maarja Nuut & Ruum performance three other artists were performing on stage: Hypnosaurus, Ats Luik and Jamaica Suk.

I liked Jamaica Suk‘s set because she played some interesting techno tunes and I enjoyed dancing to it a lot, although it was 2 AM in the morning. She even used some real vinyls!

To sum up, my first concert in Tallinn was one that I enjoyed highly and I cannot wait to see Maarja Nuut & Ruum again some time! If you have the chance to see Maarja Nuut & Ruum on tour, than definitely do that. Their tour has just started and the duo will come in November and December to Germany, so don’t miss them if you have the chance to see them!

Thank you Maarja Nuut & Ruum for organising such a great album concert release and inviting some interesting artists!


You can listen to Muunduja on Spotify.

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